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The cutting

is an extremely important part of the tasting of a cheese

For each type of cheese there is a type of cut that, according to the principle of proportionality, offers in each slice a bit of every component of the original product. The ideal cut of cheese respects its shape, so that you get to consume part of the paste (centre and outer edges) and of the rind, thus savouring the entire cheese.

The buttery Serpa cheese requires a knife with holes and a straight edge (as in the image), which prevent the interior from sticking to the knife. For Aged Serpa cheese any traditional multipurpose knife ensures a good cutting of the paste.

The Serpa cheese should be sliced from the centre to the periphery. Slices should be thicker with the buttery Serpa cheese and thinner with the more ripened cheese.

Under ideal conditions, Serpa cheese is buttery and leaves a small deformation in the cutting area (it shouldn’t run), so slicing it is recommended. 

However, some prefer this cheese with an excessively buttery texture, which makes it impossible to slice. In those cases, a circular opening is made on top of the cheese and it is served with a spoon.

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