Serpa Cheese (PDO)

The PDO Serpa Cheese is a Protected Designation of Origin product. Its characteristics are intrinsically connected to the region that comprises 12 municipalities.

It is a ripened cheese with white to yellow or straw colour paste, semi-soft, close-textured and buttery, with few to no holes.

It is obtained from the slow straining of the curd after the coagulation of the raw pure sheep’s milk by action of an infusion of cardoon. It preserves the traditional form of production and reveals characteristics of the milk and, therefore, of the traditional way of handling the sheep.

Its production requires the compliance with the rules set forth in the specifications manual, namely the conditions for the production of the milk, the hygiene of the milking, the preservation of the milk and the manufacture of the product.

The presence of a numbered marking on the cheese rind and of the certification stamp on the label certify the authenticity of the PDO Serpa Cheese.

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