Authenticity and Tradition

origins: the region

The Alentejo

is a wide region

that occupies about 1/3 of the Portuguese territory, with an overall remarkable environmental quality. It is a territory with a strong identity, very well preserved, with an ancient history strongly marked by the heritage and the culture. It is an exceptional region and an exception in current times.

It offers products of excellence, of worldwide reputation, such as cork and ornamental rocks and, from the agricultural and food industry, the wines and olive oils; also, it is growing as a preferential destination for tourism and leisure, with an offer that encompasses the landscape, the gastronomy, the crafts, the heritage, the culture, the kindness and warmth of its people.

The environmental quality of the region and especially of the lower Alentejo area is the main reason behind the quality of its agricultural and food products and cheese is no exception; in fact, cheese may even be the item that carries the most weight in this relationship, as its method of production still presents many similarities to artisanal and traditional cheesemaking.

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