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Associação de Produtores do Concelho de Serpa

Aproserpa, Serpa’s Producers Association, was created in February 2016 and has been growing steadily ever since; at this time it congregates about 50 companies from the agricultural, cattle breeding, forestry, foodstuffs, trade and industrial areas, both upstream and downstream of the agri-food sector and of other activities related to rural development. Although recent, APROSerpa is firmly established in its area and its directors are highly experienced in the sector and in the management of profit and non-profit private entities. APROSerpa’s associates are companies with a long history and, as such, with a well-established economic activity in the domestic market; some of them are also at home in international markets.



CADES - R. Dr. Luís de Almeida e Albuquerque,

nº 2-4, 7830-457 Serpa, Portugal

Phone +351 924 305 975



Largo Vasco da Gama

7750-328 Mértola, Portugal

Phone +351 286 610 000


Associação de Defesa do Património de Mértola

The ADPM - Association for the Protection of Mértola’s Heritage - is a Non-Governmental Organisation created in December 1980 which mission is essentially the economic, social and cultural development of the territories in which it intervenes; to that end it employs a strategy of shared responsibility for the active participation in the dynamics of its own local development processes not only with public and private entities but also with the citizens.

With a history of over 30 years and a large multidisciplinary team, qualified to contribute to the development of the territory and its communities, this association has a wide work experience in areas such as:  Environment and Sustainable Agriculture; Qualification, Education and Training; Cooperation and Education for Development; Rural Entrepreneurship; Social Intervention and Activities and Cultural and Natural Heritage and has been developing several local, regional and international projects.


Municipal de Serpa

The sustainable development strategy implemented by the Serpa Municipality is based on the promotion of local resources, especially agri-food products, among which the cheese – and, especially, Serpa DOP cheese – is one of the most representative. In the context of the promotion and divulging of this product the municipality has been organising, since 2002, the Feira do Queijo do Alentejo/Alentejo Cheese Fair. It is a well established event always held in late February that, due to its characteristics and quality, has been increasing its ability to attract professionals from the area and, in the last few years, has included the “Cheese Fair’s Best Cheese” competition. Also worth mentioning is the Cheese Museum, to be established in Serpa’s Municipal Market in the near future and that will be a new space for the divulging and interpretation of this product, promoting the municipality’s producers network in parallel with the touristic component.


CM Serpa
Praça da República, 7830-389 Serpa, Portugal

Phone +351 284 540 100

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