Authenticity and Tradition

the history of the cheese

Sheep milk cheese

produced in the South of the Alentejo

has a millennial history. Archaeological studies show that a civilisation that practiced cattle-raising was probably born in the Guadiana valley and surrounding lands.

The main activity was probably pastoralism, developed in transhumance movements between these Southern lands and the Serra da Estrela mountain range, in search of better pastures for the flocks.

Many traces of this long history have been found over time. We also find many historical references to the role and significance of cheese throughout history.

The production of cheese in Portugal and even the very origin of the Portuguese word for cheese - queijo - are believed to come from the Romans, at the time of the expansion of their domain to what is now Portugal. The creation of large agricultural units - the villae - in the region was probably the ideal context for this production.

The importance of pastoralism and cheesemaking in the region is documented throughout the entire Middle Age and, later, cheese is even used as currency to pay wages and leases and in gifts for kings.

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