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Alentejo's Cheese Fair 2017

Every year, in the last weekend of February, the municipality of Serpa holds the Cheese Fair that this year reached its 16th edition.

The Serpa-type cheese in a product of acknowledged quality, a repository of the history and culture of a region and of ancestral ways of life that are still quite alive in the territory. It is especially dynamic in the municipality of Serpa, as a Protected Designation of Origin product from a region that comprises 12 municipalities.

This fair commemorates the importance of this cheese and means to be a vehicle for its enhancement and affirmation not only in the region but beyond it, both nationally and internationally.

It is a meeting place for producers, cheese-lovers and potential distributers. The cheese is tasted and its quality assessed, the local gastronomy is enjoyed and the local and artisanal products are promoted, highlighting both the traditional activities and innovation, all to the sound of the cante - a form of song acknowledged as world heritage - celebrating and affirming a region of excellence.

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